25 de agosto de 2010

2º Concurso / Primer lugar

Nana, Nanita, nana. Do not cry child, that breaks my soul to see you cry.Pick your tears in a box of amber color. I will keep in the corner most beautiful house. Nana, Nanita, nana. I sing to your beautiful dream and the stars of your face, are closed to listening to my nana. My daughter tenderly, my daughter's soul I will descend from heaven for you, brightly colored stars. The bells will join withand trickles of silver. The will hang over your crib. The moon will ask for a beam of white light so you know when night falls.The sun will ask a golden ray, so you know when the morning. I'll tell you tales of princesses and pirates. I will ensure your night's sleep. And I will sing this lullaby: "My child sleeps between gold and silver. Among princesses and pirates. And with the singing of the lullaby, Nana, Nanita, nana!. Sleep my child. your mom goes with you.

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